We are Social Security Disability advocates and Medicare advisors. When life changes, we help people get the benefits they deserve. When you refer claimants to The Advocator Group, we deliver service and success that helps them, and also benefits you.

Our reputation precedes us.

Founded in 2002, The Advocator Group is dedicated to preserving the financial well-being of our clients by helping them apply for and receive Social Security Disability.

The way we serve our clients and how we interact with insurance carriers and government administrators is what makes us effective. We are respectful, resourceful, and committed to obtaining positive outcomes.

We add value at every stage in the approval process.

We provide our partners with on-site expertise. This personal attention enables us to work seamlessly with your staff.

Our comprehensive claims examiner training series is a modular program that ensures your claims organization remains informed and offers developmental opportunities to your employees throughout their careers.

Our digital resources provide up-to-the-minute status updates and educational tools for both our carrier customers and their claimants.

We offer customized solutions.

We take the time to understand your existing claimant touch points and create streamlined, integrated communications.

We analyze performance data and provide our partners with customized
reports, including valuable industry benchmark comparisons.

We have a unique education-based approach to reimbursement facilitation
that delivers the results you need and the service your claimants deserve.

Your claimants can access our experts from their homes.

Our Client Advocates are able to work with your claimants by phone, to develop and submit their applications for Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits.

When you work with The Advocator Group, we make the application process as easy as possible for your claimants. We will call them directly to fully understand their situation and develop a strong case for SSDI benefits. They most likely won’t need to leave home, unless they need to appear at a hearing.

Are you a health or services provider?

In addition to working with insurance carriers, The Advocator Group is able to advocate for individuals referred by healthcare or social service professionals.

We can help your patients and claimants

We can help your patients and claimaints