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Sedentary Work

Sedentary work is a job classification used to determine someone’s sustained work capability. SSA determines the applicant’s sustained work capability using medical records or other sources of data like questionnaires you complete during the claim process. Sedentary work is normally performed when sitting, but might also entail some walking and standing, so long is it does not go past 2 hours per an 8-hour shift. 

For you to be capable of doing sedentary work, you should be able to lift at least 10 pounds at a time. In the case that you are capable of handling sedentary work, you might not qualify for SSDI when your age, work experience, and education are considered. As you apply for benefits, it is advisable that you be completely detailed on your work history and daily living questionnaires. If you are unable to perform any requirement of sedentary work, it implies that you will be considered ineligible for any of it.

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