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Office of General Counsel

The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) of the Social Security Administration (SSA) advises SSA on legal matters, is responsible for providing all legal advice to SSA in connection with the operation and administration of SSA. The OGC is also responsible for policy formulation and decision-making related to the collection, access, and disclosure of information in SSA’s records, as well as the processing of Freedom of Information requests and appeals (under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts).

If a claimant seeks Federal Court review of a final decision made on a claim for benefits, the OGC prepares the initial response and other motions to be filed with the court. Although most district courts decide Social Security cases solely based on the motions and briefs, some judges and magistrate judges also hold oral arguments. In these districts, a U.S. Attorney or an attorney from OGC will present oral argument on behalf of SSA.

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