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Non-Attorney Representative

What is a Non-Attorney Representative?

A non-attorney representative is a professional who represents people who are applying for disability benefits, such as the advocates here at Advocator.com. The Advocator Group will only collect a fee if your claim is awarded. They’re paid out of the back pay you receive once the disability claim is approved. A representative can carry out a number of tasks for you, and generally, they will start with an evaluation of your disability eligibility. You’ll be screened for both Social Security disability (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) since each has its own specific requirements.

We highly recommend that you utilize the services and expertise of a representative when completing your Social Security disability application, due to how even minor mistakes or oversights could prevent a claim from being approved. The disability application process is very nuanced, and it will often take someone with a great deal of experience to successfully navigate all of the necessary regulations and laws. Furthermore, if your disability claim has already been denied, a representative can be invaluable in having the claim reviewed and successfully approved after a second look.

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