Medical Source Statement

A medical source statement is an official statement from your healthcare provider or doctor about your physical or mental health ailments. The medical source statement is focused on how your health conditions will affect your ability to work and complete work-related activities. Generally, your medical source statement is completed by your primary care physician and will play a significant role in whether your SSDI claim is accepted. A medical source statement from your personal doctor tends to carry more weight than one completed by the SSD Medical Examiners as your doctor will have more insight into your medical conditions.

A medical source statement can be no older than 60 days for mental health conditions or six months for physical ailments in order to be considered current, and the more recent the more heavily weighted the statement will be. All medical source statements should be as specific as possible, in both what the ailment is and how it affects your ability to work, and include any changes in your medical conditions.

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