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Benefit Verification Letter

A benefit verification letter, not to be confused with the Notice of Award or NOA, is an official document a claimant may request from the Social Security Administration (SSA). The letter will provide an overview of the Social Security monthly benefits that they’re currently receiving. The benefit verification letter also displays what the monthly benefit amount would be if Medicare or federal taxes were being deducted from them. The letter also goes on to layout when the claimant will receive their monthly payments.

In addition to providing detailed information about the benefits a claimant is receiving, the letter can be used as proof that they are receiving Social Security benefits. The letter can be presented as proof of income in a number of situations, such as when applying for a loan, a mortgage or assisted housing.

To request a benefit verification letter claimants can go to the SSA website and create an account. Once their account is made, the claimant can view and print their benefit verification letter online. If a claimant is unable to create or use an online account, they can call the SSA directly. This is also the only way that someone can request a letter for another person, such as a spouse or a child, because it cannot be done online.

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