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Making a Difference, One Pillow at a Time

By Advocator February 4, 2016

Our passion for service is the heart of our business, and our teammates are truly passionate about helping others meet needs both inside and outside of work. Therefore, we were thrilled to be able to partner with the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless’ “A Bed for Every Child” initiative during the holiday season in 2015. We were able to provide them with enough sheets, blankets, pillows, and financial assistance to provide brand new beds, mattresses, and bedding to 10 children living in low-income families in the state of Massachusetts!

A Bed for Every Child aims to provide all children with the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep that will set them up for success in school—and providing something as simple as a set of sheets or a pillow could mean the world to a family in need. Click here to learn more about the work they do, and how you could make a difference in a child’s life!


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